Monday, July 4, 2011


  Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Now, I know today most of you will be making food for your neighborhood get-together or setting off fireworks. Make sure the fireworks are legal and you don't start  a wildfire. That would be bad.
 In honor of this 4th of July occasion I am including a history of fireworks. Did you know that the first firecrackers date back to 200 B.C.. When fuel was running short, people would throw bamboo scraps into a fire to keep it going. After a while, because of air pockets and excess of sap, the pieces exploded. Fireworks developed even more after gunpowder was developed and were later used for warfare. Settlers brought fireworks to the new world and they were used for the first 4th of July celebration.
 Thats my brief history of fireworks. Hope you like it!!!!!

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