Saturday, July 30, 2011


I LOVE ACTING!!!!!!!!! The Utah Shakesphere festival is such a great way to learn about different plays and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The new Orbit gum packages are swirls of color that twist into colorful and intricate designs. The flavor is just as good and you can find this gum at any local grouchy store. Here is a picture of some packages:

i love this delicious gum and you will to!!!
P.S. Never buy Juicy Fruit. It sucks.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Places i want to go (and other stuff)

HI!!!! I am bored and I wanted to do a blog post so here I am. For starters, more people should follow me cause I only have three freaking followers. Next, Psych is the best show ever. I'm actually watching it right now and doing this. Next, all the places I want to go. My friends and I decided that we would travel the world after our senior year. here are some of the places.
Jamaca, Paris, Southern France, Spain, England, Scotland, Africa, China, Japan, and Russia.
It's going to be pretty awesome.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 Diving is the best sport ever! There are three springboards and two platforms. (The number of meters they are called is the number of meters the are from the water.) The platforms are five, seven, and ten meter. The springboards are one meter and three meter. There are a lot of different dives you can do. some of the more simple ones are front and back jumps and dives, then there are backflips and front flips or even more that one flip. Diving is the greatest sport on the face of this earth!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


  Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Now, I know today most of you will be making food for your neighborhood get-together or setting off fireworks. Make sure the fireworks are legal and you don't start  a wildfire. That would be bad.
 In honor of this 4th of July occasion I am including a history of fireworks. Did you know that the first firecrackers date back to 200 B.C.. When fuel was running short, people would throw bamboo scraps into a fire to keep it going. After a while, because of air pockets and excess of sap, the pieces exploded. Fireworks developed even more after gunpowder was developed and were later used for warfare. Settlers brought fireworks to the new world and they were used for the first 4th of July celebration.
 Thats my brief history of fireworks. Hope you like it!!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pointless foods

 There are many pointless foods out there that I am going to tell you about today. These are the gross, bland, tasteless, and weird members of the food world. They revolt me and if I ever eat them again I will be scarred for life. They are:
-Olives. They are awful. When I eat them, I feel like I ate garbage.
-Tomatoes. Ewww. The worst. All in all the just make me gag.
-American cheese. Also known as plastic.
-Yellow mustard. The color is gross. It's just like goo.
 Well, these are the awful, disgusting, and horrible members of the kingdom of food. Avoid them, and your life will be so much better.

Random facts

  I have a book called "Isaac Asimov's book of facts", and I was looking through it and found some of the weirdest stuff. For example, did you know that:
-Emperor Caligula appointed his favorite horse as a counsel of Rome.
-For distances of up to 150 feet, an alligator can outrace a man.
-In Pacific Grove California, City Ordinance No. 352 makes it a misdemeanor to threaten or kill a butterfly.
-From the federal, state, and local levels of government, Americans receive 2 million regulations and 150,000 laws every year.
-Both alligators and old people can only hear notes with up up 4,000 vibrations a second.
  Those were just five of my favorites by the book have 3,000. There is some really coolant interesting stuff in there.